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Your Spring Break Party Prep Checklist

By Kathleen Morrison
Let’s get real — spring break has been kinda weird the past 2 years. It’s hard to relax and recharge when you’re balancing COVID fears about travel, school or work, and seeing family. But with cases dropping (at least as of this writing), more people are taking the opportunity to party, pursue romance, or just get to know themselves a little better (if you know what we mean). Use our prep checklist to help maximize your fun this spring while keeping your vagina happy and healthy!

Party prep with prevention

You wouldn’t throw a party without prepping your house and grabbing supplies, right? The same rules apply to your body! Doing a little planning in advance will result in more fun for everyone, and a good place to start is with infection prevention. Starting on a regimen of holistic prevention before you party or travel will make sure you’re in a healthy place before the festivities start. Boric Acid is great for balancing your pH to prevent yeast infections and BV. D-Mannose helps flush bacteria to prevent those annoying UTIs brought on by sex, alcohol, and dehydration. And of course, Reproductive Probiotics are great anytime for keeping your microbiome healthy! 

Put off your period

We all know periods come with all kinds of baggage—fatigue, cramps, PMS, and breakouts, just to name a few of their unpleasant side effects. Even Olympic athletes say periods can cramp their style. If you don’t want to bring your period on your Spring Break getaway, pack Norethindrone instead. Norethindrone uses a form of progesterone (the same hormone in birth control pills) to help you delay your period for travel, competition, special occasions, or any other time you just don’t want to deal with your uterus’ monthly temper tantrum. Begin taking it a couple of days before your period is supposed to start to postpone your period. Once you stop the medication, your period will begin a few days later. No need to plan spring break around your cycle 🥳

Keep it slick

You're all prepped and your period is on pause... want to spice up spring break up even more? Add some lube to the mix! You can add our silicone-based Harmonizing Lube on to any wisp order to make sex more pleasurable and ensure it stays pain-free (especially for those marathon sessions). All of our ingredients are approved by our medical team so you know our lube is hypoallergenic, condom-safe, and won’t contribute to your risk of vaginal infections, like BV or yeast infections. Preventing friction during sex also helps prevent microtears, very small tears in the vagina or anus, that make it easier to get STIs. Plenty of lube helps lower your STI risk!
Planning on flying solo? Lube can still do your body good by reducing friction and keeping things pleasantly slippery. Harmonizing Lube keeps its slip, even in water, so you can bring it into the tub for a relaxing evening. You can also use it with glass and metal toys, but you’ll want to cover any silicone toys with a condom before using them with silicone lube. Any kind of silicone lube will degrade silicone toys, resulting in a melted mess!

Don’t worry about pregnancy

Speaking of periods, you probably want to make sure you don’t miss the one that’s due after spring break. Having to worry about pregnancy during spring break (or any time) isn’t the vibe you’re going for, whether you’re planning on partying or getting cozy with a boo. Get peace of mind knowing your Birth Control is handled. We’ll deliver it right to your door and you can subscribe so you never miss a dose!

Prescriptions on the go

If you know you’re prone to BV, yeast infections, or UTIs, you may want to grab an extra dose of prescription treatment before an infection strikes (especially if you’ll be traveling!). You can even get an extra dose of Plan B to take with you—no morning-after pharmacy run required. But even if you don’t go that extra mile, we’ve still got your back. You can get prescription treatment and emergency contraception via wisp in all 50 states, and always with free delivery.
Maximize your fun this spring to put that pep in your step with just a little extra prep! Tag us in your adventures on IG @hellowisp.

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