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Don’t Let Cold Sores
Freeze You Out of Life

By Lizzie De La Cruz
April 4, 2021

Cold sores always pop up at the worst possible time. On second thought, is there ever really a good time to deal with one? They are painful and disruptive, especially when they can persist for up to three weeks. Thankfully, outbreaks can be prevented and treated quickly today with cold sore Valacyclovir. Here at Wisp, we understand the war a cold sore can wage on your life. That’s why it’s important to us not to only provide fast, effective relief, but also hassle and judgement-free herpes treatment from home. It’s never been easier, or more of a relief. Cold sore Valacyclovir treatments are prescribed online, discreetly packaged and delivered to you right at home.

The Most Effective Cold Sore Treatment

As the most effective FDA-approved medication on the market, cold sore Valacyclovir is a doctor prescribed antiviral drug that treats and prevents outbreaks for the mouth or genitals. Because an outbreak affects every aspect of your day-to-day life, including your sex life, early intervention is essential. It’s the most effective way to treat an outbreak, but also for us to move past it. In fact, if you can begin treatment within 48 hours of feeling those first familiar symptoms, including itchiness, tingling, burning and pain, you can actually prevent the annoyance of an outbreak altogether. In other words, the quicker you take Valacyclovir, the less likely you are to suffer an outbreak, if at all. We cannot stress enough that time is of the essence for every aspect around the cold sore – preventing, treating and moving past one. That’s why everything we do at Wisp is designed to deliver the self-care products you need, including cold sore Valacyclovir, as quickly as possible, so you can get back to life.

Quick Treatment is Effective Treatment

We’ve all tried those home remedies that saturate the internet to deal with a cold sore. They might work, but that’s just the trouble. Might. If they don’t, then we’ve lost valuable time when we could have been using a proven effective treatment like cold sore Valacyclovir. Medical professionals consider it to be an effective episodic herpes treatment to stop cold sores at the early stages. The prescribed antiviral medication effectively prevents cold sores but also treats their symptoms should they arise. For fast and effective relief, the dosage and frequency can be changed to be sure Valacyclovir is doing its job.

An Ounce of Prevention

Rather than stressing over the ticking clock to alleviate the symptoms of a cold sore outbreak, preventing them altogether means you don’t have to waste a minute hiding out or dealing with the blister’s annoying effects. Cold sore Valacyclovir is designed to be taken in two ways. One, you can apply it right when you feel an outbreak coming on. In the best case, this will prevent the outbreak. As a five-day treatment, it speeds recovery and reduces the severity and duration of an outbreak. Second, valacyclovir can be taken as an everyday suppressive treatment. This is shown to reduce outbreak risk by at least 70% as well as lessen contact spreading risk down to 1% of the time.

Time is of the Essence

The days of taking time to sit and wait in the doctor’s office are behind you when you rely on Wisp for cold sore Valacyclovir. Jump the pharmacy line and get back to your life with doctor approved prescription medication sent out for delivery or called-in to a local pharmacy for same-day pickup. It’s as easy as deciding what’s right for you by quickly filling out a private form, having a brief follow up chat with a licensed physician, and then simply waiting for your package from the comfort of home or picking up your prescription the same day from your local pharmacy. Delivery is always free (and roommate-proof!).

Don’t let a cold sore get you down for one more day. At Wisp, we’re here for you when you need us most.

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