Your Sexual Health Wellness Guide

By Simona Byler
May 6, 2024

Have you taken a look outside today? We hope so, because spring is officially here! And we love everything that goes along with the change of seasons. Blooming flowers? So cute. Chirping birds? Musical goddesses. Total solar eclipses while Mercury is in retrograde? Okay, kinda intense, but we’re still digging it!

Besides the typical (and a little atypical…) natural phenomena, springtime can also inspire some changes in your sex life, so let’s make sure they’re changes for the better. Read on for tips, tricks, and ahhhh-inspiring products for your sexual health and wellness as the weather starts heating things up.

How to have more orgasms this spring

Alright, we’re coming in hot and offering advice about prioritizing your pleasure and optimizing your sexual wellness. Aka, we’re tired of hearing about the orgasm gap and we’re doing everything we can to close it!

A 2017 study surveyed over 50,000 US adults about their frequency of orgasm during sex and came up with some (not-so) surprising results. 95% of responders who identified as heterosexual men said they usually or always orgasmed when sexually intimate, followed by gay men (89%), bisexual men (88%), lesbian women (86%), bisexual women (66%), and heterosexual women (65%).

So, in the name of sexual health and equality, let’s take a look at how we can get bigger, better, and more frequent orgasms this spring!

Mental stimulation for sexual pleasure

First things first, open communication can be a key factor in your sexual health and pleasure. And we know that talking about sex requires a lot of vulnerability and can be tricky or awkward, whether with flings or with long-term partners. But learning to talk about your expectations and desires can boost your confidence between the sheets– and lead to more frequent orgasms!

Remember that study about the orgasm gap? Well, the women who reported more frequent orgasms were also more likely to ask for what they wanted in bed, engage in sexy talk, and give their partners praise when they did something oh-so-right. Turns out that communication is an amazing (and free!) tool for women’s sexual health and fulfillment.

Check out our helpful guide on the art of sex talk, so you can confidently and lovingly communicate what turns you on and what gets you off. And if you’re craving some more mental stimulation in the bedroom? Try listening to audio erotica to get your creative juices flowing!

Mind-body connection for sexual wellness

We’ve covered a few ways to get your mind ripe and ready for intimate encounters this spring, but now it’s time to get your body on board. Plenty of weightlifters gush over mind-muscle connection because you have to feel your muscles engaging to know they’re working. The same concept goes for solo or partnered sex, too! Establishing a solid mind-body connection helps you have better sex and is important to your sexual health and wellness.

We’re not even a little bit biased when we say our OMG! Cream is a perfect way to increase your mind-body connection and help you get the pleasure you deserve. OMG! Cream uses the magic ingredient Sildenafil (generic Viagra®) to boost arousal for anyone with a vagina.

Massaging a tiny dab of this cream around your vagina and clitoris will help you feel everything. It increases blood flow, heightens your sensitivity, and helps get you where you’re going. Pair OMG! Cream with some award-winning lube to reduce irritation and crank up the pleasure. You’re doing your part to close the orgasm gap, and, for that, we thank you. 🫡

Libido-boosters for women

Sexual health and pleasure can soar to orgasmic highs and dip to frustrating lows. It’s natural, it’s normal, and it’s no wonder! Seriously, have you ever thought about the wild hormonal ride you’re on? If you’ve got a vagina, you’re enduring constant hormonal changes as you progress through your menstrual cycle each month and then poof you move into menopause. Maintaining your sexual health and well-being is a full-time job.

So if you’re frustrated and wondering why you’re not feeling it? Don’t worry, we get it and we got you. There are plenty of libido supplements for women out there, and our Wisp Lift for Her uses a clinical formula of all-natural ingredients to help stoke your fire.

Sex should be pleasurable and orgasms are stress-reducing superstars. Take time to explore yourself (and our sexual health and wellness products) and maximize your enjoyment this spring!

How to prevent UTIs

Maybe we’re all raging Sagittariuses, or maybe it’s spring fever, but either way the travel bug has bitten and won’t let go. And whether you’re headed to the beach, out camping, seeing the sites, or exploring your own backyard, there’s one thing we don’t have time for: UTIs. We’ll say it again for the folks in the back: No! Time! For UTIs!

Seriously, can you imagine it? You’ve been working hard since January, your PTO was cleared, and you finally made it to your hotel (your tent, your beach umbrella, your couch). Your phone’s on airplane mode so no work emails have a chance of sneaking through. You start to get ready for your swim (your hike, your walking tour, your favorite show). And then, a slight twinge, a creeping burn, an urge to pee. Oh **** (insert favorite expletive here).

Hold up—let’s turn back the clock. You brought D-Mannose, a natural way to help prevent UTIs before they start. Because you’re a sexual health genius. Forget the burning and urgency—D-Mannose flushes UTI-causing bacteria from your system so it doesn’t have a chance to take hold. You take three capsules and move on with your day, no cranberry juice needed. You enjoy your vacation, UTI-free.

Mmkay, that narrative was cute and all, but seriously. D-Mannose is a powerhouse sexual health product and an absolute game-changer if you suffer from recurring UTIs. Take it along with your UTI antibiotics if you already have an infection, or take it before UTI-causing activities to stop an infection before it starts.

Maintaining healthy vaginal flora

Worried all that spring fever, travel, sex, and sweat will disrupt your system? You’re not wrong and you’re not alone! There’s nothing worse than constantly checking your underwear for signs of itchy imbalance and odorous change. To start, know that 1) no one else can smell or tell, and 2) probiotics are an easy fix.

We’re grateful that science is trying its best, but there’s so much left to learn about your gut microbiome and its effects on your mental and physical well-being! But taking Wisp Equalizing Probiotics is our best recommendation if you’re looking for a sexual health product that can help:

  • Fight against recurring BV and yeast infections
  • Keep digestion regular while traveling
  • Prevent antibiotic-related diarrhea
  • Protect against STIs and UTIs

Seriously, is there anything probiotics can’t do? No wonder everyone is drinking kombucha these days!

And if all these sexual health tips and tricks really spoke to you? Then your vagina might be feeling happier, healthier, and want a little freshening up. Boric acid suppositories are a perfect way to restore your natural balance and flora after having sex. Combine them with some vulva-friendly Balancing Wash and keep your springtime vibing, thriving, and ooh-la-la-ing.

Alright, we hope you’re feeling well-informed and ready to prioritize your sexual health this spring, summer, and beyond! Your body is yours and we’re committed to helping you take care of it with accessible sexual healthcare products because time is precious—and so is your health.

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