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Intimate Care

Treatment Guide

Maintaining your sexual health doesn’t just mean treating infections when they happen—it also means taking care of your intimate areas by keeping them clean, balanced, and pain-free with holistic preventatives and products that won’t cause irritation.

Wisp has vagina-friendly products to keep your most sensitive skin healthy, your pH balanced, and your microbes happy so you can keep on living your life!

What is Intimate Care?

Intimate Care is a category of self-care that we think should be as popular as skincare, fitness, or really anything else in health and beauty. After looking around and finding nothing that prioritizes vaginal wellness, we had to invent it! Intimate Care refers to a range of products and services that keep your most “intimate” areas healthy. After receiving treatment for a vaginal infection, most of us do whatever we can to avoid a repeat of that experience—that’s where intimate care comes in. While Wisp has over-the-counter supplements and preventatives to keep infections and outbreaks from coming back, we also have a few products designed to be used as part of your sexual care routine. Because we prioritize sexual health, these products are always body-safe and formulated with our medical team to ensure that they won’t disrupt your vaginal environment or lead to infections.

How to maintain a healthy vagina

There are 2 main factors that play a big role in vaginal health:

  • Vaginal pH: A healthy vagina typically has a pH of 4.5 or lower (for reference, the pH scale ranges from 0-14 with 0 being as acidic as possible, 7.0 being a perfectly neutral, and 14.0 being completely basic).
  • Vaginal Microbiome: Different types of bacterial populations live in your vagina and make up your vaginal microbiome. These bacteria maintain a balance with each other to fight infection and keep your tissue and cells healthy.

When either of these is thrown off by sexual activity, new sexual partners, changes in lifestyle, stress, or just plain old life, it makes infections much more likely.

How Wisp’s Intimate Care can help

Our Intimate Care line currently consists of 3 foundational products that you can incorporate into your routine to maintain a healthy vagina.

  • Balancing Wash: Gently cleans your vulva and the surrounding region without disrupting vaginal pH or flora.
  • Harmonizing Lube: A silicone-based lube to reduce friction and make sex easier, more pleasurable, and more fun. Our formula is fragrance-free, condom-safe, hypoallergenic, and non-irritating to sensitive skin.
  • OMG! Cream: Formulated with our medical team to help those who are postmenopausal or struggling with an unsatisfying sex life, this cream uses Sildenafil to increase blood flow and make you say, “OMG!” These 3 products can work together to ensure your vaginal pH and microbiome stay balanced and support a healthy vaginal environment that lets you have the sex life you want.

Do I have to wash my vagina?

There’s a lot of information out there about the best ways to care for your vagina, and like much of the info on the internet, not all of it has your health in mind. Western society has long labeled vaginas as dirty, smelly, even a major cause of STD spread. This way of thinking has led to a lot of products like douches and wipes that are marketed to “clean out” vaginas and get rid of “that smell.” In reality, vaginas are internally self-cleaning. Regular, healthy discharge helps maintain your vaginal environment and prevent infection. Douching, or using irritating washes with a lot of fragrance, can actually irritate your skin and lead to infections like yeast and BV.

Even though vaginas are self-cleaning, it’s still very important to keep the vulva (the labia and surrounding genital area) clean of dirt and sweat. Heavily scented soaps can often irritate the delicate skin around your genitals, so any wash you use down there should be free of artificial scents, dyes, and harsh cleansers. It can be difficult to know what to watch out for, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed in the body wash aisle, which is why wisp created our own Balancing Wash! It has no added fragrances or dyes to irritate your skin or throw you off balance. No SLS, silicones, or harsh exfoliants.

How to use Balancing Wash

Balancing Wash’s key ingredients were thoughtfully formulated by our medical team to be safe and beneficial:

  • Aloe soothes and moisturizes sensitive skin
  • Lavender is a natural antiseptic that maintains healthy skin
  • Marigold calms and protects against inflammation

If you’re prone to vaginal infections, incorporating Balancing Wash into your hygiene routine can help keep dirt and bacteria away, especially when used before and/or after sexual activity.

Who should be using lube during sex?

Well, if you’re asking us, everyone should use lube during sex! There’s a common adage in sexual health communities that goes, “You can never have too much lube.” And it’s true! Lube reduces friction and increases pleasure, which makes sex easier and more fun. Regardless of whether or not your body can create its own lubrication, it’s always good to have lube on hand to use by yourself or with a partner.

Lube can be especially important for people who experience dyspareunia, or painful sex. Dyspareunia is an umbrella term that can describe all kinds of painful sexual intercourse. It is important to note that if you are experiencing any type of pain during sex, you should discuss it with a doctor. Pain can be a warning sign of a serious health concern. Plus, you deserve to have pain-free sex! Vaginal pain during sex is never normal, and it certainly isn’t something you should be expected to endure (don’t believe anyone who says otherwise).

Although painful sex can have many different causes, vaginal dryness is a very common one. In these cases, lube can be a great tool in your treatment regimen! You’ll want to be sure to choose one with body-safe ingredients that won’t irritate your skin or lead to a vaginal infection. If you are recovering from an infection, lube can help facilitate a healthy and pleasurable rebound! Wisp has developed a silicone-based Harmonizing Lube that’s doctor-formulated to be hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin — no need to wonder what to use for dryness during intercourse 😉 Use it for extra slip and comfort to make sex easier, more pleasurable, and more fun.

How to use Harmonizing Lube

Use Harmonizing Lube during any sexual activity when you want to reduce friction between 2 body parts, or between a body part and an object. Harmonizing Lube is silicone based, which is the gold standard when it comes to staying-power and slickness. These qualities make it ideal for anal sex and shower sex, and silicone-based lubes are safe for use with condoms. However, keep it away from silicone sex toys— silicone dissolves silicone so silicone-based lubes will ruin your toys! Otherwise, let your imagination run wild.

How to use OMG! Cream

If you are experiencing decreased desire due to medication, if you’re peri- or postmenopausal, or if you’re just looking for a more pleasurable experience in bed, OMG! Cream may be for you! Also called female Viagra, it gets you going in the moment, rather than working systemically in your body long term. Apply a pea-sized amount of cream to the clitoris and surrounding genital area about 20 minutes before any anticipated sexual activity. Then just wait for the fireworks! It may take a few tries to find the amount and timing that works best for you, but we think you’ll enjoy the trial and error ;)

OMG! Cream is safe to use periodically long term. While side effects are rare, allergies or irritation are possible with any treatment—if you experience any discomfort, stop using OMG! Cream and consult with your doctor.

How do I treat low libido?

According to one national survey, 48% of premenopausal women age 21-49 say their sex drive is lower now than in the past and 93% of women believe that having low sexual desire can put a strain on their relationship. If this sounds like it could be you, you have options.

There are lots of different reasons why you may be feeling a little (or a lot) less interested in sex than normal. Sexuality is complicated, and big life events like pregnancy, menopause, or breastfeeding (not to mention the stress of these events) can all have a big impact on your hormones. Illness, changes in medications, and changes to your relationship can also disrupt sexual desire. If you notice any sudden changes to your libido, you’ll first want to talk to a doctor about your symptoms to rule out any underlying medical concerns.

While Wisp’s OMG! Cream doesn’t treat the causes of low libido directly, it can make sex more pleasurable, which can in turn may help get your engine revving again. OMG! Cream uses Sildenafil, a prescription strength ingredient, to improve sensitivity and lubrication by increasing blood flow to the genitals. You may be more familiar with Sildenafil’s brand name, Viagra. Although it is better known as an erectile dysfunction drug, when applied topically to the vagina, it can be absorbed through vaginal tissue and have similar arousing effects.

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