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Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Treatment Guide

Although anyone can get a UTI, people with vaginas are especially susceptible to them due to particular quirks of our anatomy. More than half of all women will experience a UTI in their lifetimes and 1 in 5 women will experience chronic infections. Fortunately, treating UTIs is typically easy and straightforward and you can get the meds you need right here with Wisp!

Bacteria cause UTIs and antibiotics treat them. Delaying treatment can increase the risk that an infection will spread to your kidneys and require hospitalization. - Center for Disease Control, CDC.GOV

Let’s recap: a urinary tract infection, or UTI, occurs when bacteria travel up the urethra and into the bladder. The vast majority of UTIs are caused by E. coli bacteria that are commonly found in fecal matter. Because the urethral opening and anus are much closer together in people who have vaginas versus in people who have penises, vagina-owners are far more likely to experience UTIs. Common UTI symptoms include pain and burning during urination, urgency to go, and sometimes blood in the urine. While UTIs can affect anyone, they are often triggered by sexual activity, especially when in combination with alcohol, dehydration, and lack of sleep. Treating UTIs quickly is essential because they can easily become more serious kidney infections that may require hospitalization.

How to treat a UTI?

The good news is that wisp offers quick and easy access to UTI treatment for treating AND preventing recurring UTIs. Depending on your symptoms or preference, there are three ways to treat UTIs:

  • Acute Treatment
  • Preventative Treatment
  • Holistic Treatment

What is acute UTI treatment?

If left untreated, what starts out as a simple infection can become dangerous. As your UTI progresses, bacteria will continue to travel up through your bladder and into your kidneys. Kidney infections can be life-threatening and treatment often involves a hospital stay. Getting prescription antibiotics as soon as you experience UTI symptoms will stop your infection from progressing further. Macrobid and Bactrim are two common brand name antibiotics that doctors prescribe for UTIs, but there are a number of safe and effective options (including Cipro and Augmentin). These FDA-approved meds go to work quickly and your symptoms should begin to lessen almost immediately (often the same day!). UTI antibiotics must be prescribed by a doctor, but you do not need health insurance or in-person consultation to receive treatment.

UTI antibiotics are most commonly taken as a daily oral pill It is important to take all of the meds you receive to eliminate the infection and prevent a recurrence

If you know of a specific UTI antibiotic that has worked for you in the past, you may request that antibiotic during checkout with wisp. This will let the doctor know of your preference before beginning the consultation.

To request acute UTI treatment, begin by requesting a prescription for UTI antibiotics. After signing up for Wisp, your consult will begin immediately. Simply answer a few quick questions online and a US-based physician will review and prescribe treatment if it’s considered safe and appropriate.

Acute UTI Prescription Treatment

What is UTI prevention?

About 1 in 5 women will experience recurring UTIs that just seem to keep coming back. It’s unclear exactly why some people seem to be more prone to infection than others, but if you find yourself dealing with multiple UTIs a year, D-Mannose may be able to help. D-Mannose is a supplement that helps flush UTI-causing bacteria from the urinary tract before an infection can take hold. You can take it before engaging in activities that you know may trigger a UTI, like sex or drinking, or you can work it into your everyday routine to help your immune system.

Wisp’s D-Mannose is one of the most concentrated doses on the market so you can get the most from this powerful ingredient. One round of treatment consists of taking 5 capsules daily for 3 days to help flush bacteria from your urinary tract and prep you to fight off infection naturally.

How to cure UTI at home with holistic treatment?

If you are wondering how to cure a UTI at home, you may also be wondering how to cure UTI without antibiotics. Antibiotics are the only way to cure an acute active infection, but we believe the first line of defense against UTI is maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so it’s important to support the systems of the body that help to maintain a balanced pH.

Reproductive Probiotics encourage a vaginal microbiome that maintains populations of healthy bacteria. Boric Acid contributes to a balanced vaginal pH that helps keep infections at bay.

You can also make lifestyle changes to help reduce your risk of getting a UTI:

  • Always pee after intercourse. Always
  • Don’t wait to urinate! Try not to ‘hold it’ for too long
  • Wipe front to back
  • Wear clean underwear (this applies to non-UTI sufferers too)
  • Change your pad, tampon, or other menstrual product regularly
  • Avoid using spermicide if prone to UTIs
  • Stay hydrated. Now is a good time to have a glass of water

Final thoughts on UTI treatment

While curing a UTI at home essentially means not having to go into a doctor’s office, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a prescription for UTI symptoms without going to the doctor. Even if you practice great holistic health with D-Mannose and peeing after sex, UTIs happen. A round of UTI antibiotics from wisp will clear the infection so you can reset and work to build that holistic defense back up again to avoid the recurrence of symptoms.

Treating a UTI from home is as simple as selecting the treatment(s) you would like to begin. If you choose preventative or holistic care, these trusted over-the-counter treatments will ship immediately to your home. If you need to treat acute symptoms with a UTI prescription, simply select the antibiotic you would like at checkout. After completing a 2-minute form, our doctors will review and prescribe quick—discreet—care, all without ever having to leave the house. You’ll be able to pick up your prescription from a local pharmacy the same day!

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