You've got summer plans,
we've got your back

Be prepared for whatever those summer days—and summer nights—send your way.
Exclusions apply.

Wet Hot Summer Favorites

Summer breeze (& OMG! Cream) makes us feel fine...

No period, no problem

Don't let your cycle cramp your summer plans. Norethindrone Acetate safely delays menstruation for up to 10 days.


Healthcare that goes with you

Treat + prevent vaginal infections, in all 50 states.

Knock out nausea

Zofran is a must-have for your packing list. This powerful medication works directly on your gut to soothe nausea.

Wisp jars sitting next to a white bikini and sunglasses on a red surface by a pool

Summer of (Safe) Love

When Plan A fails, there's always Plan B.